Go Green This Time for Home Renovation

Go Green This Time for Home Renovation

1. Retrieve or Recover:

Planning to get your home remodelled and worried about the harm which nature might face? Then opt for an eco-friendly home renovation in Newmarket. And this is how you can achieve it:

  • Avoid purchasing new materials and instead, use the reclaimed ones.
  • Be resourceful and use reclaimed woods for your flooring options as well as for your walls. It is evident that you would be saving money, time and energy but the added advantage is that it is less prone to warping as well.
  • Reface the materials instead of opting for a replacement.
  • Research for your need to go green and proceed according to your research.
  • Evaluate your needs and requirements because purchasing pre-owned materials may cut the renovation cost to a more significant extent. And still, if you don’t need something, donate them as someone else might need them.
  • Buying preowned materials from local shops, is another way to cut renovation cost. You can go for used hardware, plumbing, cabinetry, and other antiques as well. On average, 70% of the materials you require for your home renovation in Newmarket could be recycled or reused in reconstruction and remodelling projects.

2. Use volatile organic compounds (VOC) free paint:

Need to switch to a greener version? Then using low VOC paints could be an ideal choice for your home renovation in Newmarket. VOC’s are volatile organic compounds which are chemicals that pollute the air when released. Also, they have a high vapor pressure which causes breathing problems. Furthermore, low or no VOC paints have witnessed a significant increase in its market demand due to their energy efficiency properties and their other advantages:

  • They have no chemical composition which makes it a non-toxic choice.
  • These paints are odourless and moisture resistant.
  • They improve the quality of air at your work area.
  • Its application is swift plus thus it reduces your labour cost as well.
  • Unlike the usual paints, they are non-flammable which allows you for lower freight and storage, plus assures you with safety.

Being eco-friendly they are safe for your pets as well as children.

Volatile Organic
Energy Efficient

3. Go for energy efficient alternatives:

Use of eco-friendly appliances will ensure good health, and they are the perfect tool for energy efficiency. These are the ways to obtain them:

  • Opt for energy efficient products that have the energy star logo on them.
  • Switch from incandescent bulbs to LEDs as they consume less amount of power, and they let off less heat as compared to the conventional bulbs.
  • The appliances in your bathroom require more water than any other devices installed in your home, so go for sustainable remodelling by making sure to install efficient plumbing systems and op for low volume dual flush mechanism.
  • While looking for eco-friendly flooring, you can always go for the bamboo flooring which is more durable and is a pocket-friendly option. Bamboo flooring is a sustainable choice as these plants have rapid growth and have a quality of being regenerative.
  • Make optimum use of an authoritative and renewable source of energy – the sun. You can also install your own solar power systems. They are an economical option as well as will reduce your hefty electricity bills.

Thus going for a green home renovation in Newmarket is no longer an expensive affair.