High Tech Accessories for your Home Renovation Ideas

High Tech Accessories for your Home Renovation Ideas

Modern Home Renovation Ideas

1. Technology for your kitchen

Why just cook in your kitchen when you can have fun with some technology as well? Now that you are renovating your home upgrade the look with the right technology during your home renovation in Newmarket. These are the technological upgrades you can install in your kitchen renovation:

  • Fancy cabinets: add soft close hinges for your kitchen cabinets and drawers to make sure they never get slammed shut again.
  • High tech fridge: new high-tech fridges have numerous great features. One particular highlight is that they allow you to see what’s inside your fridge on your phone, while you’re at the grocery store. You will never forget to buy what you need again.
  • Motion sensor garbage bin: take an extra step to stay away from bacteria by adding a high-tech motion-sensor garbage bin to your modern home after your home renovation in Newmarket.

2. Technology for your Living Room

A better name for the living room is the entertainment room, as this is where most of your family meetings are held and is the place to entertain your guests. Now that you know the value of this room, it is essential to keep it up to date. Rather than just improving the looks of your home during your home renovation in Newmarket, now enhance it with some high-tech systems. These are the perfect add-ons to your family room:

  • Curved TV screen: remove your outdated current TV and install a modern curved TV screen. It gives you a great viewing experience from any angle in the room. Also, during your home renovation in Newmarket, ask your contractor to set it up in a way that all cables are hidden, and you get a clean look.
  • Smart lights and dimmers: forget about the switches, and now control everything with your voice. During your home renovation in Newmarket, ask your electrician to update the lights and connect them to your smart home hub to turn them on and off with ease. Another idea is to introduce lightbulbs of multiple colors in some of the fixtures to spice things up whenever you feel like it.
High Tech Accessories for your Living Room

3. Technology for your Bathroom

Oh, it’s the bathroom! This is where you often relax and take your mind of the daily tasks. It’s a place to free your mind, and a place for peace. Equip your peace room which some modern technology in your home renovation in Newmarket and make the most of it. Gear up your bathroom with these high-tech features:

  • Hands-free speakers: are you still taking your phone inside the shower? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Get the hands-free speakers which you can control with your voice. You can also opt for the shower speakers which are small, sleek and powerful plus they are waterproof.
  • Innovative showers: now make the most of your showers with the installation of high-tech equipment. You can opt for the Chromatherapy Shower, which is color therapy. In this case, your bathtubs and showers are installed with colorful and vibrant LEDs which will help change your mood. You can also get fancy by installing a steam shower in your bathroom. It will get you that luxurious experience and will help you relax.