This time – Go “Retro”

This time – Go “Retro”

This time – Go “Retro” - Living Room

Living Room Ideas

We have evolved and learned from our past, haven’t we? This clearly means that we should never stop acknowledging the past, even in the long future. A living room with a retro theme would not only make you reminisce the good old times but is also going to render a classy look. It is mostly about the decor that you are going to incorporate in your living room that is going to make it vintage-y and less about the interior. But by also paying attention to the flooring and walls it can really allow the décor to impress, thus, you want to carefully craft the renovation procedure.

A wooden mezzanine floor to your living room, adorned with seventies leather armchair along with a sixties circular table is going to enhance the overall retro look of your renovated living room. If you can make the room face the garden as well as pair it up with a wooden bookshelf you can truly achieve a beautiful home renovation in Newmarket. Let alone the onlookers, you are going to be dazzled by how elegant your living room is going to look.

Retro Kitchen

Each time we watch a movie that activates a flashback, we get a little startled by how amazing the kitchen looks with a retro design. We probably often have dreamt of a kitchen so beautiful and would love a similar home renovation look in Newmarket. Flooring, case in point, is going to help enhance the retro look you are hoping for. The traditional checkboard flooring would not only make your kitchen look retro but would also make it look elegant. Another way to achieve a retro look is to make use of wall tiles because, you know, what’s more, retro than that. Depending on the colour you pick for your tiles – get your cabinets painted and imagine cooking in this wonderful retro kitchen. Oh, and to make things even better use the perfect appliances to go with it.

This time – Go “Retro” - Kitchen

Bathroom gone retro

We, for one, are fans of baths and would prefer our bathroom to look like a place that is going to add joy to our bath. We can only imagine how much you are going to enjoy the retro look in your bathroom if you are like us. Home renovation in Newmarket will be incomplete if you leave the bathroom behind, right? A perfect vintage bathtub paired with a tiled flooring could work out wonderfully. Also, matching the colour of your bathtub with the bathroom cabinets is another great idea. The combination of aqua and white colours is going to enhance the look of your bathroom by leaps and bounds.

If you are looking for a more royal yet retro look for your bathroom you can keep your bathtub right next to the window and pair this up with glossy tiles. The colour to go with in this setting should be white. We can only wonder what a wonderful and serene bath it is going to be.