Tips on Exterior Home Designing in your Home Renovation

Tips on Exterior Home Designing in your Home Renovation

1. Walls

What is the first thing which you notice while admiring a house? It’s the structure. And what if the structure of the house is beautiful, but the home is covered with outdated wall materials? Well, that would be a big turn off for the house. Thus, it is mandatory to choose the correct and appropriate outer design for your home. Say goodbye to those concrete walls and cover them up with some great wall ideas. Here are some plans for your home renovation in Newmarket which you can opt from:

  • Natural stones:  the stone-clad walls are currently popular during home renovations in Newmarket. Thus, transform the look of your home by dry stack stone exterior.
  • Wood and small plants: this necessarily does not mean that you are opting for a woodland theme, but the wooden exterior gives the house an elegant look.
  • Outdoor ceramic: opting for the ceramic tiles for outdoor will give your home the perfect Mediterranean style.
  • Lit it up: now you can mix and match the color and texture of your wall and to magnify its look, you can light them up, which results in giving out a vibrant, modern and intriguing look.

2. Front Porch

The front porch is an essential addition to your home renovation in Newmarket unless you are designing your home following a modern or contemporary architecture. While you renovate your house in Newmarket, add these unusual front porch items to your home to enhance the look:

  • Fill your veranda with some lush flowering plants and get a refreshing look.
  • Cover it up all in white, with white paint and white furniture and add a lantern to give it a finishing look.

To get a unique look, you can also opt for some stylish patios and enhance the attire of your home during the home renovation in Newmarket.

In addition to the above ideas, you can add an outdoor fireplace to your front porch to make it a cozy gathering area.

Tips on Exterior Designing in your Front Porch

3. Classified home

If you are planning to change the entire outlook of your home during your home renovation in Newmarket, then these are the types of exteriors you should opt for depending on the architectural style you choose:

  • For modern architecture: your materials should be either glass, steel, or concrete. The use of solid white walls is also common in contemporary architecture.
  • For the Victorian architecture: the focus is more on beauty than functionality. If you are opting for this type of architecture, then your home should have intricate detailing inside as well as outside.
  • For a cape cod home: these are simple homes with a simpler symmetric design. Add a garage to the side of your home to complete the look.
  • For your ranch home: these types of homes usually have open and free-flowing flooring plans. And they are typically designed in a rectangular shape, L-shape, or U-shape. They also give out more of a less-formal lifestyle. Hence, you can match them to suit your style.
Tips on Exterior Home Designing in your Classified Home