Why You Should Choose An Open Floor Plan

Why You Should Choose An Open Floor Plan

What is an open floor plan?

Many contemporary homes today are choosing to have an open floor plan. We have had clients request an open floor plan as part of their home renovation in Newmarket. An open floor plan is a layout that incorporates multiple rooms in one space. The most common example is a “great room” that incorporates the kitchen, dining room, and living room into one space.

Is an open floor plan right for you?

An open floor plan isn’t ideal for everyone. The type of floor plan you choose will depend on many factors. For instance, we have noticed many families tend to prefer a closed floor plan or a mix of both while couples without kids prefer the open plan.

If you’re a person that hosts many events, loves socializing while cooking and love modern designs, then an open floor plan might be a good option for you. If you prefer small quiet places, organizing, and individualizing each area to a specific purpose, then perhaps a closed floor plan might be best for you.

Of course, there is a lot more to look at than what we mentioned above. However, in the end, you must think about your preferences and make your decision based on your lifestyle.

Open floor plan

Reasons to go for an Open Floor Plan

When you consider your next home renovation in Newmarket, we’d advise you to look at a few features that an open floor has to offer:

1. Makes more space

An open floor plan will literally open up the space in your home. It will make the home feel less restrictive as there will be no walls or barriers. It will make the area feel more spacious. This type of floor plan can work best for people with small homes by making the space feel larger.

2. It’s better for socializing

It’s also great for socializing. For instance, with a “great room”, the person in the kitchen can still have a conversation with a person in the living room. It’s also great for when you’re entertaining guests. As the hosts, you can cook and do other things while entertaining and conversing with the guests at the same time.

Open Floor Plan

3. Natural light galore!

This layout does not have walls (which tend to act as a barrier to proper flow of light). Thus, natural light coming from the windows can reach further and make the room feel brighter. An open floor plan can be great for a home with few windows or dark decor.

Furniture Freedom

4. Furniture Freedom

With an open floor plan, you have the opportunity to experiment with different furniture arrangement. There are no barriers or limits, so you can add more furniture and play around with how to arrange it.

An open floor plan is great and can work well with any house. We’d advise anyone doing a home renovation in Newmarket to consider getting an open floor plan or a “great room” if it fits with your current lifestyle.