7 Bathroom Renovation Style Ideas for Your Home

The bathroom is more than a place that you go to clean yourself. It’s also a place you go to relax, revive, and beautify. Many of our homes have bathrooms that need some renovations to meet our relaxing needs. We have compiled the latest bathroom renovation styles that can be implemented today.

Bathroom Renovation Styles to Consider

1. Rain Showers Can Be Calming

One shower that can help you relax is the rain shower,  and is a very comforting addition to any bathroom. It’s one of the latest bathroom renovation styles and can provide quite the soothing and calming effect. As you can tell by its name, the shower mimics a light rain in your bathroom by utilizing lighter/lower water pressure.

2. Ceramics and Natural Stones: A Great Combination

The use of ceramics and marbles can add glam and elegance to your bathroom. There are different types of ceramics that we can use to make the room appear larger and more illuminated. The reason we prefer ceramics is due to its versatility. It can mimic high-end materials like wood and marble. We sometimes combine the ceramic with natural stones like Quartz for an outstanding look.

3. Dark Walls

When we say dark walls, we don’t necessarily mean the color black. Deep shades of grey, blue, or any soft color on one side of the wall can add a mysterious yet calming look to your bathroom. We can add the dark color to your walls using paint or tiles to produce stunning results; it just depends what you prefer.

4. Bathtubs for Great Relaxation

The bathtub is coming back stronger than ever. There are different options for you to choose from. They are more beautiful, spacious and best of all, comfortable. We can install the freestanding bathtub or the island bathtub, both creating a relaxing bathroom setting.

5. Get Creative with Storage

Like the kitchen, bathrooms tend to have unused space. This space could be put to some good use for extra storage. We use our experience and creativity to come up with storage solutions that fit the space available. With our creative storage options, you can say goodbye to clutter as well as messy bathrooms.

6. Add some tech to your bathroom

Tech is everywhere, and with the emergence of smart homes, tech integration is becoming a bathroom renovation style that people desire. We can integrate technology into our renovations to suit any of your ideas. It can be something as simple as LED lights or as complex as mirror touch-screens, we do it all. With these options, you can make your bathroom high tech and “wow” your guests.

7. Try out the different flooring options

There are different flooring options we can have installed in your bathroom. Pebble floors always look good in any bathroom and can provide much-needed traction. We can also install hardwood floors to add some elegance and style. Another option is a combination of stone and wood planks; it’s one of the more modern bathroom renovation styles. This floor combination adds a luxurious look to the room.

Bathroom Renovation Style Tips

Before undertaking a bathroom renovation, we advise you to contact a professional home renovation company. Why? Because as experts they can advise you on the project budget and make sure that the project is completed to your expectations. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t Skimp on the Toilet

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a toilet, but you also don’t want to spend too little. Ideally, the toilet fixture you buy should last long and be comfortable to use.

  • Sit in a Bathtub before Buying It

Get a feel of the bathtub before buying it. You need to know the space you have at your house and how many people are going to use the bathtub concurrently. For instance, a tub meant for two people will have a slant at either end with a tap in the middle.

We have years of experience having performed many similar projects. Besides, we are always in the loop as far as modern bathroom renovation styles are concerned. Contact one of our experts today to see how we can help you!

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