Building an Addition for a Home Renovation in Newmarket; Here’s What You Need to Know

A home addition may be the answer to your families’ needs if space is an issue in your current home. You may consider adding a few rooms or just adding an addition to make the home open-concept and less crowded. Here at Atera, we offer our clients two options when it comes to home additions: a lateral expansion or a floor addition.

Like any home renovation in Newmarket, home additions can be challenging and very complex. However, we are here to give you a hand and give you a few pointers to think about before getting started on this renovation project.

1. General Understanding

Let’s look at 3 concepts of this renovation project: scale, cost, and emotional toil.

In terms of the scale, what is the size of the addition? The scale of the project can help you assess the cost. As with any building project, permits may be requested, and plumbing and electricity would need to be adjusted and installed properly.

Moreover, you must consider the cost of the building renovation. How much are you willing to spend on the addition as part of your home renovation in Newmarket? How much is the project actually going to cost? All this is important to know before commencing the project. However, rest assured because we can provide our customers with cost assessments before starting a project. Thus, before starting the project, you will have a good idea about the cost involved.

Lastly, let’s not forget that a project like this can be emotionally taxing, especially when families live in the house they are trying to extend. We encourage our clients to be patient because the project will be completed at a good timing.

setting up the foundation
Build an Addition

2. Secure the Necessary Funds

It’s always important that you have the funds before starting any home renovation project in Newmarket. As previously stated, Atera can do a cost assessment so that you have an accurate estimate for the renovation project. Since the cost may be taxing on the family income, some clients choose to get a loan for the home addition project.

3. Develop the Design

At this point of the project, you need a contractor and an architect. A contractor is crucial before the start of the home renovation in Newmarket. A good contractor will be involved in the initial planning stages by providing ideas, doing cost assessments, and managing the project once it begins.

You’ll also need an architect. They’ll be responsible for the design of the addition. Ideally, you’d want the architect to be picked by the contractor. This helps because the two may be accustomed working with one another.

Here at Atera, we have a team of certified professionals that’ll work with you throughout the entire design process. Our team will incorporate your ideas as well as give you suggestions and advice from their past experiences and also modern trends. All this with the aim of making sure that your plans/dreams are realized.

Build an Addition

4. Permit Application

As per the law in Toronto, constructing an addition is considered a development under the Conservation Authorities Act. Getting a permit is not an easy process and depending on what the project is, the requirements differ.

For an addition, you’ll need a site plan, floor plan, elevation and section details. All these requirements take up time to gather and compile. They should be accurate and drawn in ink. Any mistake could lead to a delay in getting a permit.

We guide our clients through the permit application process. With experienced architects and engineers, we can get all the requirements done in optimal time.

beautiful addition

5. Foundation

After the permits are acquired, our team will move forward and pour the concrete slabs on where the addition should be. The foundation is crucial as it’s the base onto which the addition will rest.

Here at Atera, we take great care to ensure that the foundation is solid. This ensures your addition does not provide you any structural issues for years to come.

6. Walls and Roofing

We have to admit many of our clients tend to love this part of the process as it gives them a sense of satisfaction because the project is well on its way to completion. At this point, the concrete foundation is done and wall panels are also built. The framed walls are put up quickly by professionals.

After that’s done, the wall panels and roofing are done to protect the crucial part of the job (wiring and HVAC). We will also add the windows, insulation and dry walls at this stage. Anyone looking from the outside will think the structure is complete.

7. Crucial Services

The crucial services we speak of here are HVAC, electrical components, and plumbing. Many feel the process slows down here, but it’s nothing of our doing. Inspectors are required to visit the site as this is an important stage of the building process.

It’s important you know that it might take up to five days advance notice to schedule for a site visit. In 2015, inspectors were so booked up that it took 3 weeks or longer for a site inspection. We always urge our clients to be patient with us at this stage because it’s out of our control.

8. Finishing Touches

When it comes to building an addition, the paint, floor, doors, and trim work are the final steps. We have experienced paint contractors that do a fantastic job while maintaining a clean working space. Also, to help with the cleanliness of the space, we tend to install the flooring first and then begin the paint job. We also hang the doors and the trim work for the doors and windows for a professional look. One that is complete, your home renovation in Newmarket has come to an end and you will be able to enjoy your new space.

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