Great Custom Ideas for Your Home Renovation in Newmarket

Building or buying a custom home in Toronto can be too much of an undertaking for the average person. As the house market has gone up, the cost for buying and building is tremendously high. The good news is there are other options. You could have a custom renovation done to your house with less stress and income.

A custom home renovation in Newmarket will make your house look and feel new. It can transform your home and also help raise the value of your property.

Here at Atera, we have worked on many custom renovation projects. We’d assist in the idea conceptualization and execution. On that note, here are some of the most popular ideas you could try for your home:

1. Theater room

Home theaters are becoming more popular for the average family. Thanks to advancement in technology, there are many budget options available that the everyday family can utilize. Having a theater room can add that extra room that the whole family can use to enjoy movies and relax.

Before embarking on this project, note that there are some physical, technical, and financial variables to consider; For example: room shape, the sound, and the viewing experience. However, don’t worry about these variables yet, our team will walk you through the entire process to ensure you get the best theater room within your budget.

Atera Construction and Home Renovation - Custom Home Renovation Newmarket - theater room
Atera Construction and Home Renovation - Custom Home Renovation Newmarket - games room with pool table and darts

2. Game Rooms

Another idea that we could implement is a game room. A game room is an area other than the living room where the whole family can spend quality time together. You could decide to either go with a game room or a game station. A game station is just a dedicated spot in a room for gaming.

Making good use of ‘unused’ spaces in the home to create a game room is a great achievement. These spaces are like the attic, the backyard barn, the basement or the corner spot in a room. We can add all the physical and technical aspects to ensure that the space is a good size, well-built, and has enough outlets.

Another aspect we advocate for is making the game room a multi-functional space. Be flexible with the design and include multiple functions in one area. For instance, you could have a gaming counsel such as X-box, board games, and pool table in one room.

3. Attic Space

Another custom home renovation in Newmarket that we can do for you is to fix up your attic. An attic is more than just a space for storage, a lot more can be done with the space. We can turn this room into a game area, a suite for your guests, or a home office for yourself.

However, a renovation of this nature does have its challenges and costs. The HVAC system will need some working on and the joints touched up to bear the extra weight. All that and more can be done by our professional team at Atera.

Atera Construction and Home Renovation - Custom Home Renovation Newmarket - basement with extraordinary stone walls and gorgeous staircase
Atera Construction and Home Renovation - Custom Home Renovation Newmarket - modern living room with neat wall design and pot lighs

4. Other Ideas

There are some other ideas that you can consider for your home. For example:

Upgrade your bathroom into a relaxing spa, install a sunroof in your kitchen or bedroom, add a sunroom to the front or back of your home.

In addition, you can design your house to look like an art gallery. This is easier said than done, but we have a team of designers and architects that can make this happen. We can help design the layout from color to paint to arrangement to make sure your house looks like a bonafide gallery.

You can also consider adding a banquet hall to your house. Of course, this will require a huge addition to your house, but it can be done. With us all matters from gaining the permits to project management will be handled smoothly.

Finally, you can consider adding an indoor swimming pool. We have to admit this doesn’t come cheap, but if you do have the funds, it can be done. As far as home renovation in Newmarket, this one will require patience as it’ll take some time to complete. With a pool indoors, you’ll be swimming all the time even during winter.

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