“Must” for your Home Renovation

“Must” for your Home Renovation

(a) Proper lighting:

How important is adequate lighting? The exciting part about lighting is that all areas and all rooms of the house have a specific lighting requirement. Let us explore the best way to improve your home’s light fixtures during your home renovation in Newmarket.

  • Living room- your living room requires the concept of layering light, as it is the area of the home where all family members tend to gather. Remove those recessed downlights, and instead renovate your living room by using the lights that bounce off the ceiling for ambient illumination, as this will avoid the shadows and increase the sense of brightness of the room.
  • Kitchen- as all the cooking and the morning meetings take place in the kitchen, so the kitchen requires careful consideration of task and ambient lighting. For acquiring the modest look include a central, ceiling-mounted fixture providing ambient light and add lights under your cabinets.
  • Bathrooms- it is a peaceful and calm place where one can groom themselves. The best addition to your bathroom renovation is to add the light to both sides of the mirror.
Proper Lighting

(b) Accurate flooring:

The right mix and match of flooring will get you the perfect home. Unlike lighting, it is not necessary to add different flooring to each room. What you can decide is: which flooring material to choose. Now that there is a wide range of availability when it comes to the flooring material, you can beautify your home with any flooring material and pattern of your choice in your home renovation Newmarket. You can opt for:

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Tiles / Marbles
  • Hardware Flooring
Accurate Flooring

(c) Right theme and wallpaper:

Gone are the days when you would paint your house in whites and yellows. Now the trending fashion in home renovation Newmarket is to bring out and magnify the beauty of the home by adding wall decal and wallpapers. Now to set up the right choice of wallpaper and wall decal, you need to be a bit creative and variant with each room. For instance:

  • Living room: your living area does not require too much of stress when it comes to adding wallpaper or a wall decal. Just a simple design or a quote is good to go for bringing out the elegance of the room.
  • Kitchen: it is your choice whether you add a wallpaper to your kitchen or no, but if you decide to do so, then add some meaningful quotes or opt for the utensil designs like a coffee mug or spoon, etc.
  • Bedroom / Baby’s room: now is the time to bring out your creative side. Get the right theme matching your style and personality for your bedroom and your baby’s room. As you will spend most of your time in these rooms, it is always recommended to add some theme which is encouraging and inspiring.