Woodland Theme for your Home Renovation

Woodland Theme for your Home Renovation

Atera Construction - Living Room

“Foresty” Living Room

When we say “foresty,” we do not literally mean for you to get animals and build a forest in your living room. Anyway, by opening this article it seems like you are a nature lover, and you are one of those people who would like to have a theme based dream home. Here is how you can get the “foresty” look for your living area during your home renovation in Newmarket.

  • Floors: start with the installation of hardwood floors, as they will give you the original wood look. Plus with numerous choices regarding design and color, they are ideal for the woodland theme. Furthermore, they are made available in various wood species such as oak, maple, cherry, and bamboo, among many other options.
  • Walls: well, this one depends on how you are renovating your home. If you are planning to get just the theme, then you can opt for a  wallpaper or wall decal that is forest themed. However, if you want to go all out during this renovating project, the best way to achieve a woodland theme is by installing the wood paneled walls.

Cabin Kitchen and Bathroom

If you choose for the woodland theme in your home renovation in Newmarket, then you should go the whole way to acquire the look if the budget permits. It includes getting the cabin look for your kitchen and bathroom also. Here is one way do it:

  • For your kitchen: go retro with the cabin-feel kitchen in your home renovation in Newmarket.

Start with your cabinets. Get the ones that show the wood grain, and are not just painted in one color.  Choose the appropriate color that would match with your flooring and walls. Next get the wooden hangers. Replace those stainless steel utensil hangers with wooden wall-mounted pot racks and hooks.

  • For your bathroom: relax in a natural looking environment. Here is how you can implement the theme in your bathroom:

– Opt for wood patterns for your bathrooms tiles. These tiles are just as practical as any others, and they could give your bathroom the feel you are looking for.

– In your woodland bathroom, you can also choose a vanity that could give your bathroom an outdoor feel.

Woodland Theme for Kitchen

The add-ons for your theme

Even though getting the right flooring and wall decal is essential to achieve the woodland theme during your home renovation in Newmarket, it is equally vital to take the extra step with appropriate accessories. So here are some add-ons for your woodland theme home renovation:

  • Start with the covers. Your cushion covers to your bed covers, pick the forest themed or animal themed covers that match the look you are looking for. It is also important to pick the right fabric.
  • Add a rug in your seating area which goes well with your hardwood flooring and enhances the theme.
  • Get the table lamp that beautifies the room and accents your themed wall decal.

Last but not least, taxidermy is the art of preserving an animals body so that they can be kept in a museum. If you can add such animals to your home, it would certainly set it apart. Also, you can go further and replace your hangers with antlers to hang your clothes.